Missouri Rural Electric Cooperative specializes in the delivery of electric energy. We are experts in our field.

We are in the cooperative marketplace. A cooperative is owned and maintained by the people we serve. That means we don’t call you a customer. You are a member-owner.

We look at our business as a family. The best thing we can do is serve our member-owners with reliable electricity.

There is no profit to be had for Missouri Rural Electric Cooperative as a business. That profit goes straight back to our member-owners. Once our expenses have been cleared, you will receive capital credits each year in the form of a check based on your energy use.

Our Board of Directors are elected to the position by the people in their district. Families in the district take great pride participating in our cooperative. Many of these board members are the second or even third generation of their family to serve.

Going above and beyond.

The Missouri Rural Electric Cooperative offers comprehensive energy audits at no charge. Our auditor will provide a whole-house inspection at your request. During the audit, we will analyze insulation levels, take a look at your home’s exterior including windows and doors, examine the age and efficiency of your mechanical systems, and much more. If you know where you are wasting energy, you will be able to take action.

Our Member Services Advisor can help you participate in money-saving rebates. If you meet the criteria with the installation of a ground-source heat pump, water heater, or another energy-efficiency system on our list, you may qualify for a rebate.

We also offer our surge protector program and sell electric barbeque grills in our office. If you are interested in additional information about these items, please contact us.

Ultimately the Missouri Rural Electric Cooperative team serves its bosses, our member-owners, with great dedication. We’re committed to providing the best possible electricity services at the lowest possible cost. We are proud to serve and be a part of our local Northeast Missouri Community, so contact us with your questions today!

 Security Lights- $8.00 per month

Residential Service – Single Phase

Facility Charge $40.00
  • First 1500 kwhs .09291 cents
  • Over 1500 kwhs .08415 cents

General Service – Three Phase

Facility Charge $45.00
  • First 1500 kwhs .09291 cents
  • Over 1500 kwhs .08415 cents

Large Power – Over 50 KVA

Facility Charge $50.00
  • Demand: per KW $11.00
  • Energy: per kwh .07493 cents
Rates 2024