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Rebates Available to Members

To qualify for rebates, equipment must be installed in a permanent residence. If mobile home, it must have a concrete or block foundation and be located on property owned by member. Once equipment installation is completed, contact the cooperative. After an inspection of the installation and required paper work is completed, a rebate check will be issued. Member must provide a copy of purchase receipt with date of purchase and product model and serial numbers. (Click on links below to print rebate forms)

(Link for Energy Star Tax Credits Page)

(Contact MREC about rebates)

Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters are not eligible for rebate, must be electric tank storage type, 40 gallon or larger. Unit must be connected to electric and not just a storage tank with a minimum efficiency of .90. Limit of 2 rebates per meter location.

New and replacement electric and gas water heater - $250.

Heat Pump Water Heaters - 50% of cost up to $700 for new and replacement of gas or electric less than .90.

A proof of purchase receipt with serial number must accompany Rebate Form.

(Water Heater Rebate Form)

(Heat Pump Water Heater Rebate Form)

Ground Source Heat Pumps

$250 per ton – Equipment must meet the Energy Star + 2 rating of 19.1 EER.

Additional $500 per ton available for new installations and replacement units, only when ground loops are replaced. To qualify unit must be installed with a Delta T of 80 (manual J calculations must support Delta T). Manual J must be submitted with all rebate applications. - Unit must be Energy Star rated and building must have a minimum of R38 insulation installed in ceiling (Missouri Rural Electric recommends R45) and R13 in walls. Electric backup heat will be allowed but must be separated from unit by its own breaker or two stage thermostat. Heat pumps may be purchased from any dealer. Dealers or distributors of heat pumps are not eligible for rebate. Residential rebates limited to 10 tons and commercial rebates limited to 50 tons. 

Rebate for replacement unit without replacing ground loops will be $150 per ton for units that are less than 10 years old and $400 per ton for units over 10 years old. To qualify home must meet insulation requirements above and new HP unit must have an efficiency increase of 3 EER higher than old unit.

(Energy Star Ground Source Rebate Form)

Air Source and Mini Split Heat Pumps

$150 per ton - Air source and Mini Split heat pump rebates will be available on new construction and replacement of resistance or gas heating units. Unit must use fossil fuel for backup heating, no wood burning or electric resistance heat allowed. Cut in point for backup heat to be 30 degrees or manufacturer suggested temperature and have a minimum SEER rating of 17.

Must be Energy Star rated and building must have a minimum of R38 insulation installed in ceiling (Missouri Rural Electric recommends R45) and R13 in walls. Residential rebates limited to 10 tons and commercial rebates limited to 50 tons.  

(Energy Star Dual Fuel Air Source Rebate Form)

(Energy Star Mini Split Rebate Form)

Energy Star Advanced Programmable Thermostat

50% of cost up to $50 for New or replacing a thermostat with a programmable Energy Star rated thermostat. Limit of 2 per metered location.

(Energy Star Advanced Thermostat Rebate Form)

Appliance Rebates

Appliance rebates are to encourage residential members to purchase qualifying Energy Star rated equipment.

$50 - Energy Star rated room air conditioning unit. (Limit 1 rebate per address)

(Energy Star room A/C Rebate Form)

Programmable Timer for Engine Block Heater

50% of cost up to $15 for 15 amp minimum (1800 watt capacity) heavy duty programmable timer for engine block heater.

(Timer Engine Block Heater Rebate Form)

Energy Audits

The cooperative will reimburse $125 of the cost of a blower door energy audit and 50% of the cost of any improvements recommended by the auditor's report, up to $500. Member must use auditors approved by the cooperative.


Products Available

Surge Protection Program

Missouri Rural Electric offers its members a line of protection products for lightning, and power surges. These surges can damage the appliances and electronic equipment our members depend on for comfort and convenience

Surges can be caused by a variety of events such as lightning, cars colliding with utility poles, tree limbs falling on electric lines, construction work and even disturbances transmitted through telephone and cable lines. These surges can create a number of problems that are often tough to diagnose and expensive to repair. It pays to plan ahead and be prepared for these disturbances. For the program to work, the circuits containing surge protection must have a three-wire grounded circuit as well as meet all local and national electrical code requirements.

Our surge protection equipment comes from Sycom Surge Inc. Each surge protector comes with a warranty for the product as well as a warranty protecting the attached appliances. Sycom offers a wide variety of plug-in surge suppressors to protect service panels, computers, TVs, satellite equipment, telephones, etc. Stop by the office to check out the display of these devices as well as the member’s current price or click on the link above to view Sycom products and warranty information.

What is a surge?

What causes a surge?

How do surge protectors work?

Meco Deluxe Electric Cart Grills

Beautiful Wooden Side Tables and Cart Shelf

Six Barbeque Tool Hooks

Sturdy Cart with Large Easy-Rolling Wheels

Satin-Black durable, high-temperature finish with bright BBQ-Red accents

1,500-watts of grilling power

200 sq. inches of usable cooking surface

Dual-zone Grid Adjustments: 1: Even Temperature, 2: Hot-Zone, Warm-Zone

Includes 22" Electric Rotisserie

High-temp Glass Food Viewing Window

Safe UL and CUL listed heating element

Precision Temperature Control with Variable thermostat controller

ACH Form

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For more information about our products and services contact Doug Krigbaum, Member Services Advisor - 573-769-2104.